no reason turn sunshine back
looking back nice world
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Our dream

Of course, in fact I do not write poetry, occasionally write just spontaneously with the hair. Even though I deeply understand that diffuse lying idle Tian budding, also difficult to express coincides with the good season of joy.
If water is not flowing, the birds can not swim.
Fish Cheung shallow bottom due to water penetration, Eagles cleaved the sky. wing fung.
Even though the water is also a corner, the wind has a shape, fine giant and perceived that there does not exist or whether there should be corresponding choice. Even if the sky is the limit, also have a narrow, the finite or infinite time and space between whether there should be free of enron.
No choice, some people think that is the highest choice.
Choose silence, does not represent should attempt nothing and accomplish nothing.
Some people say, look at the history, then may understand the world various cunning, resourcefulness, and right and wrong.
But perhaps this everywhere see but not as good as you experience a graben.
Can not help but sigh deeply, the emperor, and he only, a hand cover day. When is the strong bosom is strong, but with the exchange, but not as much as loneliness, can not meet the excessive desire, never will there be days of peace by fighting. All atlas, grief filled. Generation after generation of descendants, all for the blood soaked Coronet addicted to life trapped bite, all fall into the curse of Moyuan, no human heart, no ordinary happiness.
The courtiers, but tremble with fear in one's boots, officialdom more deceitful than the battlefield, multi-faceted acting, overall preparedness, both to keep themselves are not superior to abandon must also be with the "enemy" tour.
And the people, although have the ordinary life, but under the emperor and the eunuch, enslaved and controlled.
Perhaps history is indeed the right direction, but from the lunar calendar is not difficult to find, it is the tragic history of various.
So the detachment, be cynical a lot. I think, if there is a live music, the music of survival, so the ancients would have had a much better.
Now, we have already relieved to a certain extent, find some happiness.
Some people say we no longer pure, polluted air erodes our clean soul. Of course, is far more than these, those increasingly in early adult children, more and more local taste and privileges seems to stage a comeback seemed more tell us what.
But, I would say, in fact, we better, we develop really, so when the huge amount of information and the division of labor, problems and contradictions that seems so normal and reasonable, there are people trapped in the sad, crying mess in this world, someone in the water in the old return to the God, will be severely reprimanded industry.
In fact, it is good, because now you will not worry about not contact sweetheart and into Qiuhong, also need not afraid that one day you will be caught to when his farewell homeland and hanging by a thread. Not because you're poor means you will be futile.

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