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Talk about hotel hospitality

Talk about hotel hospitality.

When little Reagan Porter, 7, of Eden Prairie, Minn., lost her beloved blanket and “Lambie” stuffed animal while vacationing in Montgomery, Texas, she was heartbroken at the thought she’d never see them again.

But Christina Cooper, a stellar employee at the La Torretta Lake Resort where the family had been staying, certainly wasn’t going to let that happen.

“They called the same day they had checked out and, unfortunately, housekeeping had already cleaned the room,” Cooper, the resort’s loss-prevention lead supervisor, told “We’re not sure if it got mixed up in the laundry but we think that’s what happened.”

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But after a little more digging, Cooper lived up to her title and hit the misplaced stuffed animal jackpot.

“I checked housekeeping’s bin again about a month later and I saw the little Lambie doll there and the green blanket,” she recalled. “It instantly triggered in my mind. I thought, ‘Could this be it? It has to be.’”

She went back to check their lost item record forms and “sure enough,” Cooper said, “I found the sheet with the dad’s information of them calling and looking for it.”

Without wasting another second, she called Reagan’s dad to share the good news.

“You could just hear it in his voice before I even said anything,” Cooper explained. “I could tell he was hoping it would be about her lost stuff animal.”

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But simply returning little Lambie wasn’t good enough. Cooper went the extra mile to make sure she really made Reagan’s day.

“I had asked the dad if I could address the box to his daughter because you know how kids get when they receive things in the mail,” she explained. “And I also asked if I could attach a note to the lamb doll that would seem like he was talking to her.”

Reagan’s dad obliged, knowing it would obviously put a smile on his daughter’s face.

“I wrote, ‘I missed you and I love you and I’m so glad to see you,’” Cooper said of the personal note she attached to Reagan’s sweet little Lambie.

It’s safe to say all Coopers efforts added up. In an extraordinary moment caught on camera, Reagan’s face lights up in sheer delight as she pulls him out of the box, squealing and shaking her Lambie up and down in excitement.

The little girl’s tears’ streaming down her face speak loudly for her. She couldn’t have been more thrilled to have her lost treasures finally home where they belong.

“Even still watching it now I get a little teary eyed,” Cooper said. “It’s so nice to see that and know I was able to help out that much 新闻记者代表正义的外星人