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promised to recognise the result of the election

"My first decisive step will be aimed at ending the war, ending chaos, and bringing peace to a united and free Ukraine," Mr Poroshenko said at a press conference in Kiev.

"I am certain that our decisive actions will bring fairly quick results."

He also promised a dialogue with people in eastern Ukraine if he is elected.

"For those people who don't take (up) weapons, we are always ready for negotiations to guarantee them security, to guarantee their rights, including speaking the language they want," he said in English.

Mr Poroshenko said he would also like to negotiate a new security treaty with Moscow.

Although he strongly backs closer ties with the EU, Mr Poroshenko also stresses the need to normalise ties with Russia 片寧靜裏都還在流血 Little Snow-white 貧民窟百萬富翁裡的虛擬故事 Leader Glasses reflecting three basic ways conducteurs pourront-ils bient?t prendre .