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heard the boss screeched sneered

That year, two of them are in graduate school, is a poor student, usually hard work to earn money, remove the necessary expenses, the basic There is not much left.; so, tourism in they almost is a luxury thing. But in the near graduation flowers blooming like a piece of brocade in the spring, he was secretly save a living expenses, wanted to take her to Lincheng, do a short trip.

But the travel and not expect smooth, the car broke down halfway, back when accidents fell on the mountain will bag, make travel delay time. So, until they finally ended the trip, to the school bus, have disappeared. No way, they had to find the nearest hotel below. But the tourist area of the hotel, the price so high that they don't have the courage to counter-offer. All the way down the street to ask in the past, at the last home, the boss side fat a glimpse of them, said nothing, just bring them into a debris piled up the aisle, lazy way: if you like, this give you up, not counter-offer, 20 yuan a night. He is a face of guilt to have a look her, she was at his touch with infinite sadness and guilt sight, instantly summoned the courage, blunt is full of disdain shop owner calm said: this house, 20 is too expensive, 10 yuan, otherwise we would not live. The boss was surprised to have a look across the thin thin girl, silent for a moment, then turned and walked out. When, back her hand, is already held a quilt and a pillow. She knew the bargaining success, the heart is very happy, the dim light, to find his hand, that moment, clasped her face turned red.

At that time still early spring, small room this aisle to build up a temporary, a quilt, obviously is cold. She hesitated for a moment, we intend to go to bed. Just as he reached the corner near the bar, he heard the boss screeched sneered: poor enough, two people a night 10 dollars, who can't give them with quilts, look at midnight they don't freeze up just strange! Her partition heard, immediately stop the step, turned back to the room. But push door, or by hand to wipe the tears, and then jiaochen rushed he laughed: we still cover a bed, because, I want you to keep me warm. He tenderly to her in his arms, never say a word, but in the heart, but already was an invisible blades, slowly scratched. In fact, she didn't say, he also knows, she is touched nail. But because of her disguise, he more and more within the inner earth filled with unspeakable pain and bitterness Ϣ�