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extending the lifespan of humans

uez Canal Co.

Fernand de Lesseps’s company dug the modern canal, completed in 1869, using forced Egyptian labor. It wasn’t an original idea; Pharaohs had been doing the same thing in the same place in pre-Christian times. No wonder: The canal, at 102 miles long (and about 78 feet deep today) is the shortest route between the East and the West. ―Tim Smith


Dream up something outlandish. Make it ubiquitous. Repeat. That’s been Google’s formula since day one, as it embarked on an ambitious mission to organize the world’s information. Tame the web? Check. Build a computer that fits in your pocket? Check. Photograph every street to make it navigable from afar? Check. Digitize the planet's books? Check. Build a polyglot translator in software? Check. Think of Google GOOG as a factory for major innovations, from self-driving cars to wearable computers to technology for extending the lifespan of humans. ―Miguel Helft


GE GE changed the world in not one or two, but three big ways. Guided by Thomas Edison, founder of the predecessor company Edison General Electric, it brought electricity and light bulbs to America and the world. That alone would be enough to put GE high up on our list, but there’s more. Transformation No. 2 was creating America’s first research lab. No. 3 was building an elaborate system of management development, a new idea at the advent of the giant corporation, that has guided companies around the world for over a hundred years. ―Geoff Colvin �有光血�音�� 20英里的��在山脊 教育部�文森特培何梦想 你的笑容和你唱 她�意��你